For nearly 75 years, countless guests have come to Moore’s Greater Shows, for the thrills of the rides, great fun foods, games of skill, and for a trip down memory lane!  After all these years, Moore’s Greater Shows is constantly enhancing our expertise to refine and tailor our services for your event.  We here at Moore’s Greater Shows are so proud to share, preserve, and support this extraordinary business with you and your event.  Again, Moore’s Greater Shows welcomes and invites you to join us!

     While ordinary carnival companies agree to operate a carnival at your event, Moore’s Greater Shows promises a unique and personal introduction to all of Moore’s Greater Shows riches:  its breathtaking scenery of lights, the aroma of fun foods, the excitement of winning at the games of skill, and most of all, its wide array of thrilling rides.     When you visit Moore’s Greater Shows, you will experience hospitality and unsurpassed service as if you are family.  We are dedicated to making your event an experience of a lifetime.  Above all, we carry on with our mission statement:  To provide an exceptional experience and value for our guest while maintaining safe and up to date amusement rides.

     After nearly 75 years of show business, we are masters of logistics.  We think on our feet and can make informed judgment calls that always have your events best interests in mind.  With such experience, we can remain flexible and forward thinking so that your event runs flawlessly.

     Our roots run deep in show business.  Moore’s Greater Shows owners and supervisors are all showmen and showwomen by birth.  They have expert knowledge of everything show business learned by hands-on, through training, and literature.  Moore’s Greater Shows is very proud to say we are working on the fifth generation of showmen and showwomen.  Not many other operators have this advantage, which will give your event unparalleled reliability, consistency, and quality from start to finish. 

     As life long showmen and showwomen, we understand that the details really do matter!  We will make sure everything is just right for your event, so you can relax.  Moore’s Greater Shows is much more than a simple business venture, it is our life!  It is in our financial and personal interest to go above and beyond in making your event the best it can be.

     We can not say this enough, all of Moore’s Greater Shows amusement rides are safe and undergo rigorous inspections daily!  Moore’s Greater Shows is so invested in the safety of our amusement rides, that each and every one is inspected and repaired to its manufacture’s specifications.  This is not just done once a year, but year round insuring you the ultimate feeling of a safe midway.  Also, all of Moore’s Greater Shows  amusement rides have height and rule signs posted at their entrances.  These height and rule requirements are mandated by the manufacturers and licensed amusement ride inspectors.

     With nearly 75 years of experience, we have finely crafted each and every aspect of Moore’s Greater Shows with you and your event in mind.  It is our greatest hope to share and grow with you and your event.  We are invested in show business, just as we are invested in giving you and your event an amazing experience here with Moore’s Greater Shows.