Our midway is featured by a variety of  high tech super spectacular rides. A large array of kiddie rides and of course the old traditionals. Imagine your self  walking into an area and having  your five senses stimulated all at once. This could only be described as AWESOME, that is exactly what will happen to you when you enter our  MIDWAY filled with MAGIC.

Some of our more major and spectacular rides include the Top Gun, Zipper, Expo Wheel,  and Starship 3000.  For those that  are  too young for the big rides, we carry a variety of kiddie and family rides such as the Carousel, Raiders, Orient Express, and more!  Please don’t forget about our scrumches and tasty fair foods and where you find our  midway games challenging.


The midways to the carnival are structured in such a way that allows the patron to travel easily from one attraction to another with ease. Along the way they will experience  AMAZING amenities to make their day at the fair a more convenient one.

Our personnel is readily and available to answer questions, give directions or handle any complaint that you may have.

We provide our patrons with: star.gif (472 bytes)covered comfort stations
star.gif (472 bytes)rest areas
star.gif (472 bytes)food courts
star.gif (472 bytes)trash containers